Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wanna See My Puss?! It's Finally Starting To Grow In!

Erm...Look at the pink name tag.   What did you think I was talking about you dirty birds. (Speaking of which, check out the dirty Meeses in the background at it again. tsk.)

I found this guy while Snaggletooth and I were in Banff.  There was also a pig & a dog 'Grow Me,' but naturally I had to buy this one. 

First day back at work I went to the kitchen to grab water to soak it and Gingermate is in there.  I say to him, "Gotta get some water to soak my Puss."  Game on.

You keep the Grow-Me's in the plastic container in order to germinate. It ends up looking like this:

Gingermate says, "DAMN, Your Pussy is ALL Sweaty!."  

Few Days later..

I exclaim, "YAY!  My Puss is finally starting to grow! Before you know it I'm going to be trimming that puss back."

Real mature right?  Mature and pure awesome office fuckery.  

Oh this is the entire grow-me family today:

The other two...well...they're past their prime but I have a hard time letting go.  However, I would file them under 'G' if I could find a gawddamn Chia Pet but apparently they only sell that shit at Christmas. 

A coworker of ours was heating home made, frozen, lunch in the toaster oven.  Now this was in a small appropriate tin and the oven was set at 300 F with a timer on for 20 mins.  He comes back to grab his lunch to find out it's still frozen as someone had turned it off and posted this sign:

 Really?  Do you fucking stand there crouched over your stove until your cookies are done??  This is just another example of the let-me-wipe-your-ass-for-you-because-you're-not-capable-of-operating-toiletpaper- Safety.  

So I ran into our coworkers office and posted the below sign.

There's so many other things I want to blog about like a couple of awards I've received, how stupidly expensive Vets are, the tween party at our house last weekend AND meeting the wicked awesome Kage!  I didn't even hump her leg. I know I'm pretty impressive sometimes.
However, I'm just slammed again.  Meaning busy with work and that life thang.   Sooooooo....BRB!

Oh and I would like to say to some of the Calgarians out there...HAH HAH Not a flake of snow up in the Great-Not-So-White-Northern Alberta.
Make sure all that white stuff is cleaned up for the 20th, will ya?



  1. I love your warning sign and admire your pussy.

  2. My puss is starting to grow back in, too. Time to get back to the laser clinic. Sigh.....

  3. That plant is just awesome.

    And how cool was meeting Kage?

    And you are so wrong for the snow comment. lol

  4. Tricia....Hop to it! No one likes a shaggy puss!

    Oilfield - It was great meeting Kage. She's a sweetie and hopefully meeting up with her next weekend. I have to figure out a Vegetarian dish to cook her though. That crazy bitch is a Veg-Head in Alberta! hahahaha ;)

    Seriously though, the weather here is nice and full on spring like. It's bringing out all the critters. We've seen wolves, moose, foxes, deer etc

  5. You're terrible, even by my standards.

  6. Like Terrible in a good way or a bad way?

  7. fuck me freddy...douchfuckery is every where

  8. Love that cute hairy pussy - it's adorable!

  9. I love your sign!! That's hilarious! I wish I could go meet up with you and Kage for some super crazy fun shenanigans but I'm not allowed into Canada. *sad face*

    oh yeah....nice puss!

  10. Oh Boo! I'm free to hit up the US but I try to avoid it these days. I'm not too keen on your full body terrorist scanners BS. We should all just meet in Mexico then!


  12. Bravo on the post title! That'll get ya all kinds of visitors! ~wink wink nudge nudge~
    And by the way, that Calgary snow...getting it here in Winnipeg as I type this, so I'm not exactly thrilled with Alberta right now.
    Prezzies in the mail darling! Mailed yesterday! Don't roll your eyes at my item selection ok? I figure if you're growing pussy grass, you aren't terribly finicky :)

  13. Yay for prezzies! I'm totally stoked now.

    Sorry all the snow is heading your way. Still dry as a bone up in Northern Alberta. Weeee! Also it's light out till 8pm. Kick ass

  14. I mailed the prezzie (I love saying that now!) was mailed on Thursday and i was told it would take four days. So hopefully Wednesday!!!

  15. What an adorable puss. I wonder if they grow better with blueberry vodka? Just a thought...

  16. Your plant is awesome and you and we have had a great time with it. Take care. Blessings...Mary

  17. Sandra - I'm uber stoked. I can't wait!

    Empress - Mmmmmmmm Blueberry Vodka. That's what I shall be having this evening.

    Mary - Thanks for stopping by! I love checking out your recipes. Awesome food blog!


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