Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Make a Bed - Part II

Soon as we hopped off the hundred degree yellow bus, I boogied on down to my room in hopes that the camp staff was competent enough to understand my instruction from yesterday

Guess what he did?

He didn't even touch the bed. 
I'm going to assume this was out of spite. I would bet money on it.  

I didn't mean to be bitchy but I was tired of having to re-make my bed every day.  This is their job. If someone had to re-process every invoice that I've done, you bet your ass I would be reprimanded.

The front desk is generally understaffed and so was the case last night.  Since we had to pack up Kris's room and load it into the truck, I really didn't have the time to stand in line for half an hour to tell them their cleaner is a douche is not performing their tasks at hand appropriately.  Also to mention that this cleaner is spiteful which does not make me feel the least bit comfortable that he is in my living quarters ..alone.   

I have a lock on my cupboard/wardrobe to keep all my skivvy's safe from peepers but it's not like I'm going to lock up things like my toothbrush.  (Hey, sorry I'm just not that trusting but people do nasty things.  The TV tells me so.) He is a man working up in the oilsands, where there's so much money and so much work it's ridiculous.  (For example, my office mate's 19 year old son is starting at $33/hr for moving boxes in a warehouse.) All he can do is housekeeping (and not very well I might add)??  There's a certain level of judging of character right there.  

This morning I made sure to pull the sheets right up and ball up the blankets right in the middle of the bed to ensure he'll make the damn thing.  Tit for tat. 

That will be enough for my paranoia and bed wars for now.  Currently I'm waiting for Kris to finish up his last day so we can hit the road.  Of course Management didn't know what they wanted him to do before he left all rotation until 8am this morning.  So he's running around like crazy while I have a barrage of people asking me if I'm leaving one after another.  I keep reassuring that I haven't updated my resume (yet) and that I like my Department (no word of a lie).  This includes my Manager that sounded rather pathetic when he asked if I can give him "Lots of warning." I giggle and told him of course I would but I didn't see that coming any time soon.  I like my job and our team.  By "Our Team," I mean the department, not the company.  I won't even get started right now because I've got one foot out the door!   Time to start the 8 hour drive but next time I'll be flying the friendly skies. 

May your mouth never be conquered by a band of marauding Vikings! (I'm learning different ways to say, "Good Bye," and I quite liked that one.)



  1. I wanna shuck boxes to the tune of $33/hour!

  2. It's crazy hey?

    Even fast food restaurants start at $15/hr (most are higher though)

  3. Someone clearly doesn't have the skills or appropriate attitude to peform the functions of their role properly. But as long as he is still around, I would definitely lock up your tooth brush ...and pray that he doesn't rub his balls all over your pillow.

    The Ranter’s Box

  4. Empress - BAHAHHAHAHAHAHA fuck me now I'm even more paranoid!

  5. What do you mean 'make the bed?' People actually do that?
    And yeah, I agree with the Empress, ball rubbing all over the place!

  6. "For example, my office mate's 19 year old son is starting at $33/hr for moving boxes in a warehouse."

    Hi. I'm unemployed and I'm going to go kill myself now.

  7. Make a bed, that's not even in the Big Tuna's vocabulary. I had to read part one and saw you had a mondo too in Arizona but at least its far away from Phoenix.

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