Monday, June 20, 2011

Trials and Tribulations of an Oilsands Housewife

As I'm rushing around getting ready to head out before the cleaners arrive, Manfriend asks what time my hair and nails appointment is. 
I start laughing and say, "Holy Shit, the life of a Oilsands Housewife!"  (Even though I'm really not a housewife since I work..a lot.. but I am the woman of this household and perform my housewifey duties when I am here.)

Manfriend says I should do a blog post, "Confessions of an Oilsands Housewife."  I laugh and tell him that some of my readers might hate me.  He said do it and see how many followers I lose.  HA HA...that's really not the point of blogging now is it?  The goal really is to share your thoughts and collect a most gregarious harem. 

It got me thinking when I was in the shower and so I thought what the heck.  Here is my schedule for this turnaround (days off).


Arrive in Calgary at approx 11:30pm after a 8 hour drive from Northern Alberta.  Drink a glass of wine. Hit the sheets. 


10am - 1 hour massage with my favouritest lady.  It's like a kick ass massage and gossip session. 

11am - Chiropractor cracking time. 

12pm - Go to Cobbs bakery and pick up delish freshly baked breads.

12:05pm - Walk across to Pub for bevys and lunch.  This is usually the first non-camp meal and it is fantastic.  So is the double spiced rum and ginger. 

1:30pm - Go grocery shopping half in the bag.  Hope I remember everything that I need for new recipes I'm going to try as I always forget the list at home.

1:35pm - Finally get a hold of the cleaners and ask why the hell they did not clean yesterday or today.   They apologized (I think? Engrish not so good) and said they will be cleaning tomorrow at 10am

2:45pm  - Pick up Beer & Wine

3:15pm - Go to pet store to pick up filter for dog/cat water fountain.  (Don't laugh now. I don't have some fru-fru doggy. I purchased the fountain because Cavedweller does not change water daily and more than once I have found an empty water dish.  This has a reservoir that has to be filled up maybe once a week.) 

3:16pm - Stare at puppies and kittens with WANT. 

3:30pm - Unpack groceries - play on facebook and RIFT while Manfriend saws logs on the couch.

6:pm - Make dinner for the household and kill a bottle of wine.


10am - Cleaners still aren't here...wait patiently. Play RIFT

11am - Go for all over colour, foils, and hair cut.

2pm - Browse Bookstore.  (Oh and yes it took 3 hours for my hair to be done and it didn't even take! I have to go back again.  I's rough.)

6pm - Make dinner for household & friends.  Watch everyone else do the dishes. 


10am - Pedicure and Nail filling

12pm - Go shopping at the mall

3pm - Make strawberry & spinach salad with orange poppyseed dressing for potluck bbq.

4pm - Potluck BBQ filled with a bunch of German Relatives of Snaggletooth.  Loud, fun and full of fatty goodness.  Note to not bring a salad to a German only gets lonely, not eaten.


Morning - Veg out.  Play Rift

Afternoon - Pack

5:30pm - Fly back to site for another 10days

This weekend I've been fortunate that I haven't had a gazillion other appointments but over all life is good. 

Before you get all bitter, life hasn't always been good.  I've been homeless, lived in places that resemble crack shacks, been evicted, electricity/heat/cable/phone cut off, supported dead beats, gone to food banks, and cried a lot. Cried more than Tammy Faye Baker

Everything we have here has not been handed down like some spoiled, shit head, JerseyShore watching, useless member of society.  We have worked for it, worked hard.  We also make sacrifices.  Many people can not work away from home like us.  Being away from home all the time does take it's toll but right now we can manage and to be honest, we enjoy it.

What I'm trying to say here is that I'm happy and proud for how my life has changed.  It's been a long bumpy road right but now I get to enjoy the shit out of life!I also know that things can turn from good to incredibly-sucky-bad in a blink of an eye so live for the moment.  Live in your moments enthusiastically and appreciate the small things in life.

That's enough of my "Huzzah for Life," moment.  Hope all you fathers (and those in place of fathers) had a wonderful day yesterday filled with macaroni art and sparkles.

If you have the chance check out this children's style book for adults.


  1. Your spinach and strawberry salad sounds devine! And never feel guilty that you are able to enjoy moments of life. Everybody deserves to be happy.

  2. Good for you. I'm glad you put those last couple of paragraphs in as I was starting to think "get out and get some work done. Pedicures indeed"!

  3. "go grocery shoppin half in the bag"

    Good job. Hahahahaha. If I went grocery shopping half in the bag I'd bring home three pounds of baby carrots and stuff to make pizza with, that's about it.

  4. And I thought I was a busy fella. It sounds like you ought to bring more wine into the daily equation. It helps to keep up morale.

  5. I'd kill for a massage. It's been two years since I've been able to afford one.

    And as for staring at puppies and kittens, I couldn't do it. I'd end up bringing a handful home. :)

  6. Yikes .. Busy .. With a little pampering ;) With that schedule, you deserve it .. Enjoy :)


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