Friday, June 24, 2011

Lonely for 3 More Days

This is the first shift I've had to work without Manfriend here.  He started a new job on Monday working in Calgary for the summer.  Eventually he'll be up working in the Oilsands once the project has mobilized but that won't be for a few months yet.  
Oh he's adjusted well.  It's tough going to the "peelers," (For those who don't know the lingo I'm talking about exotic dancers) for lunch on a Friday, I'm sure. 
Me on the other hand...well it's lonely.  Life up here is so fucking mundane when you stay in camp.  It was easier when I was alone but we were renting in Fort Mac since I could actually go out and have a social life.
The upside at being bored & lonely at camp is that I'm getting my much needed exercise.  I've definitely reached my maxed out weight and I am not comfortable with that. It's a combo of quitting smoking, camp life, and Manfriend.  (Oh yeah that's right..I'm blaming you baby.)
So basically I exhaust myself and fall asleep just after 9pm.   Pretty exciting hey? Most definitely not.  So I try to think of things I have to look forward to.  

1.  "True Blood," is back this sunday!  You know what I love about that show is things like this:

Of course he's much better with his shirt off and "True Blood," most graciously complies.  There's just so much damn dirty sexy time in that show! 

2. The Black Keys concert on the 28th with Snaggletooth.  Oh know we be enjoying the hell outta that.

3. Snaggletooth and I taking Kidlet to BC for some camping at Lake Kooncanusa to celebrate Canada Day.  Naturally, I have purchased a large box of fireworks.  I like things that go boom. 

4. CaveDweller purchased a Condo and is moving at the end of July.  We will have our basement!!! Our definitions of cleanliness are completely opposite from eachother.  I don't want to slag future-brother-in-law but he's going to be much happier on his own and we will be cleaner happier as well. *Happy Dance*  I'll miss the kitty though (just not her litter all over the basement floor). 

5. My little sister may be coming out for a visit and it's been a couple of years since I seen her last.  She's about to turn 17.  Yeah, 16 years age difference.  Bitch be making me feel old and saggy now. <3

6.  Apparently I got a raise....and no one told me. (I'm afraid to mention it to anyone in case they're all...Whoopise our mistake! You owe us money now. I wouldn't be surprised.)  Bigger pay cheques are always something to look forward to. 

7. The lack of Winter.


9.  Fitting into that closet full of clothing that stares at me with longing every time I go home.  I WILL fit into those clothes again. Determination!

10. Wedding Plans!  Ok, so I'm not really looking forward to that because the whole planning part isn't my forte and it stresses me out just thinking about it. I even suggested doing a small ceremony in our yard and Manfriends wasn't having any of that. It was worth a shot. 

11.  3 more get-ups till I'm home and get lots of snuggles and snogging! 

(This was filmed the year I was born!)


  1. LOL Nice list of things to look forward to to get ya through the boring off-time .. really sucks playing checkers alone, but sounds like you're staying busy :)

    p.s. Congrats on making it past a year of non-smoking you non-smoker!!

  2. At least you have some things in the hopper to help fight the boredom. The time will pass quickly and you have lots to look forward to. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. hey you! if my math skills are correct, you should be back in calgary by now. but since i have no math skills, you could be anywhere.

    have fun this week! ;)

  4. I once got a mysterious pay raise that I never said anything about for fear of it being a mistake. Fast forward to a year and a half later, when HR told me, "So, we made a huge mistake and you got more money when you shouldn't have. The bad news is that we have to lower your pay rate back to normal, but the good news is that you don't have to pay back all the extra you got!"

    Thank... you...?

    (They would have had to drag that money away from my cold, dead hands)

  5. That guy ate the person who beat anorexia.

  6. Didn't even realize you were getting married, how's he going to feel about your lover from True Blood. Won't that be a tiny bit awkward on the honeymoon?

  7. That picture of the obese guy is hilarious!

    And that guy is sexy.

  8. You are not old and saggy, you are gorgeous and sexy. I'd watch you peel any day. ;)

  9. I would have thought a guy would be right on board with that yard idea.


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