Tuesday, November 9, 2010

6 Month Aniversary and my 100th Post!

Not one dirty butt has been dragged across my lips in 6 months!  Get your filthy minds out of the gutter.  I was referring to quitting smoking.

   Originally I started this blog as an additional focus to help stay on track but now it's just morphed into no theme at all.  All disorganized and random but hey, that's how I roll.
  I must admit it feels pretty damn good to be a non-smoker still and I'm fucking proud.  I haven't lasted this long since I started smoking at age 14.  This is it, I am NOT going back. *Fingers crossed* Even if it would help in losing the 10 lbs I can't seem to bloody well shake. (Smoking is such a fantastic appetite suppressant. FML)  However, I have more money in the bank, preventing wrinkles, not starting the day with hacking up tar lung butter (mmm sexy), and I don't stink.   The only problem is that so many people on site smoke, kinda goes along with the oilsands construction scene, and they stink.  I have to ride buses and planes with craploads of smokers and now the smell just turns my stomach.  I've become one of those non-smokers who smells fantastic.

One realization that came to mind as well...6 MONTHS OF MY LIFE HAS GONE BY?!?! What the hell man?!  When you basically spend only a week at your own home a month, it eats your soul time flies.

So in 6 months I have quit smoking, gained weight that is clinging on for dear life, gained more gray hairs, had to get a second pair of glasses for the computer, found out I have a degenerate disc in my lower back, had to start carrying EPI-Pens around with me.....er...I'm just going to stop there because I'm spiralling into depression getting sad. 

 Ok, ok...what else happened in 6 months?  Well really I worked a lot, enjoyed the hell out of life and I got engaged!  You see, I'm not getting old.  I am growing up.  Aging can suck but it's inevitable so have fun.  When I'm an old lady I'm so going to do shit (tell people off) that I couldn't get away with now.  It will be glorious.  Also, my hair will be every colour of the rainbow, once again.  

This isn't a fantastic, noteworthy post.  It's more along the lines of bragging rights/whining.  Rather oxymoron-ist post. 
Life has been busy and sometimes that sucks the creative juices out of you, and not in a fun way. 

Also Manfriend had to stay home to look after Kidlet for the last couple days, leaving me by my lonesome up North (I was so cold and lonely).  He did arrive to site this morning which means.....Imma so gonna get laid toinght!!!! Just sayin'. 


  1. Congratulations for your 100th post, the smoke-free 6 months, and the oncoming hurricane of sexiness coming your way.

    I was out of metaphors.


    Have fun tonight... rawr!

  3. Haha thanks guys/gals!

    Oh and Sara, your package is in the mail as of yesterday ( I know..FINALLY). 5-7 days it should arrive!

  4. Congrats!!! Have awesome celebratory sexyness tonight!

  5. Congrats..blah blah blah

    Anyway, I don't mind if you put on a little weight. More cushion for the pushin'...

    OH, you're "engaged" now. OOPS, my bad

  6. Congrats on the 6 months butt-free and 100 awesome postings!!!

    Great seeing you both on the weekend too!!

    Stay warm, but I see you already know how .. 'friction' of course LOL!!

  7. Woo freaking hoo!!! 6 months is awesome.

  8. that's it?? 6 months, come on you can do better then that....lol, I'm so proud you made it 6 months smoke free. Good healthy choice. 100 posts, that seems like chiilds play for you, soon you will be bragging your 1000th post ;)

    And I hope you shook the walls last night!!

  9. That is perverse. I love it. Don't be sad. Everything could be worse. I could tell you stories about what a certain eight limbed sea creature is up to that would curl your toes. Let's just say, enjoy the sex. It may be the last time our new overlords allow us any joy.


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