Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Dog LOVES Vibrating Toys AND I was Given My First Award!

  I know ya'll ....oh wait, I'm Canadian... I know you all checked out this post because you saw "Vibrating Toys," in the subject line, eh?  Tsk Tsk...bunch of creeps.  I'm talking about my dog here.
  Last night we flew into blizzard  Calgary for our days off.  Manfriend's brother lives in the basement/house but doesn't eat that stuff you call ..Produce aka fresh fruit or vegetables.  We call him "CaveDweller."  CaveDweller fills that stereotype that plays WOW, works from home, doesn't clean, and well ...doesn't eat fresh foods at home (I don't know his eating habits outside the house).   Our first agenda, after massage and Chiro, is hitting up the grocery store.
  Sometimes a few wobbly pops are involved before we go grocery shopping.  Sometimes that leads to expensive grocery bills and odd purchases of items we really don't need.
  My dog has a gazillion toys but she's my baby doggie and my guilt of being away 10 days at time compels me to buy her more.  Plus she goes batshit crazy over new toys.  Her favourite is vibrating toys.  Vibrating Pussy Cat toys. 
Don't knock it till you try it. 

  Manfriend started off the torture by holding the toy, casually, while Shayla was rolling her treat ball around.  Then he pulls the starts to gets down right excited standing on her arthritic, hind legs. 
Game on.
Obviously not Manfriend's hand.  It was my time to torment.
That is one effin' happy dog with her vibrating toy.

Treat ball interferes with the vibrating toy relationship.

Yeah, I'm wearing my bitchin' new apron.
Enough of my dog pictures.  Miss Melicious awarded me this:

Stop and check out her blog.  Always entertaining and feel sorry for her as she is in Alberta too.  Ok don't feel sorry for her but point and laugh when it's winter.  I'm doing that to myself right now. 

Now I shall pass this on to 4 bloggers that tickle my pink me pink!

(All kinds of fun & sexy-time)
(She did a post regarding the question if Zombies Poop. Nuff said)

(She takes pretty pictures and I appreciate that.)
(I likey the way she draws "Periods."
Of course there is so many more I would love to award this to but my pot roast is just about done and well, I have to get back to life.

Speaking of life, Manfriend just booked our flights to the Bahamas/Freeport for January where we will be renting a condo for two weeks.  I'm just basking in that right now. 

Please don't hate.  We work away from home in -20 to -50 weather in the winter.  We so deserve this and we shall enjoy.

Viva la Sunshine!


  1. You are wacky. and amusing. I am not overly dirty at the moment, but my Kodiak plaid shirt is 20 yrs old, my T shirt is 30, and my jeans I got at a thrift store for 2 bucks. Stubbly, thinking about spending my golden years in NZ eating fresh seafood and drinking. (golden years, whoa whoa whoa)

  2. I am Soooo jealous over the Bahama thing, yeah I am, but no hate being flung in any case ;) You DO deserve it and I hope you have a great time.

    And THANK YOU Awards always make me feel good. It's very sweet of you and I do appreciate it.

    I'm curious about one thing ... what makes you think dogs are not pervs? You have a special breed up there in the frozen north? Especially the small dogs ... I know several that have stuffed toys that they use like a blow up doll. And they sniff butts and LIKE it! Eww.

  3. dog is totally a perv. When she was a pup and I was living in Nanaimo she had this...thing for my Wuzzle. My Wuzzle was a hoppopotomas that Shay really had liking for the fluffy tail. So I got her a LUVBunny. This was before she was fixed. She did that bunny face-down-ass-up and gave it tender licks in between.

    And YOU'RE Welcome! I've never rec'd one before but I was excited to so I could give it out! What can I say...I'm a giver. ;-)

  4. Thanks, girlie. You might want to retract it after I tell you this: For all this time, I thought your name meant Crickets Galore. Only today did it dawn on me.
    There, I feel better having told the truth.

  5. Awwww! Awards! Thank you most lovingly, my dear. It'll be going in my sidebar "trophy case." :)

    I wish my dog could have a bunch of cool toys, but she's a huge Lab and chews up every-effing-thing we buy her. Which means she's basically relegated to tennis balls and the occasional rawhide because, well, dog toys are expensive.

  6. What!?!?! Point and laugh at me...they should be mailing me blankets and extension cords. WTF! I hate winter and it's freaking blizzardville here already...

    only another 4 months of this...minimum.

  7. You're first one? I could have sworn you've received half a dozen by now.

  8. Oh man, I totally love your doggie pics, especially the very first one where she appears to have crazy eyes lol

    Thank for my lovely award too! I really appreciate it and now I have cupcakes on my brain :)

  9. haha! I love this post. I love the "wobbly pops" hadn't heard that in awhile, and yes, I can imagine that ingesting a few before grocery shopping would cause one to purchase oddities. I think the vibrating toy was probably the most harmless of oddities you could have bought.

  10. Marsy - I didn't even notice the crazy eyes but yes...she wanted that toy, and she wanted it bad.

    Sandra - You make a good point. Sometimes its just a ton of junk food and a big bill!


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