Saturday, November 13, 2010

Things I Hear/Read at Work

You don't understand how difficult it can be to contain myself when I come across weird slang terms at work.  Oh wait, you probably do understand because most of you are pretty pervy *finger pointing* to begin with. 




I've heard so many more but tend to forget them, however I heard/read these 3 in the last 2 days...AND MORE THAN ONCE.

My Manager generally shakes his head and walks away when he sees me cracking up.  

I'm making it a mission to start writing this shit down.  

The last position I was in - in regards to WORKING and not the streets -, I had to take meeting minutes.  Try writing when you hear stuff that gets your dirty mind a racing.  Also try keeping it together because you're surrounded by Engineers (Ones that can't even grasp Dilbert ) and Site Managers. 

Of course if there was anyone who really knew me in those meetings,  would look right at me with a smidge of a grin, making it all the harder to keep composure.


  1. Engineers think they are so damn smart. I embarrassed one, exposing his ignorance while working in sales. That was right after he told me- "I'm an Engineer"

    I'm at a loss as to why "horse cock" is popular. I'm not familiar with that one. I just hate it when I'm out-of-the-loop...

  2. Horse Cock is Insulated Copper Tubing.

    Don't ask me where they got that one from.

  3. You always have me snickering over here...
    BTW, just read one of your comments that you left over at Blasé's blog, and I have to admit, I'm drawn to his blog too because he's a "dirty" commenter! What does that say about us? We is dirty girls in the blogworld!

  4. Hahahah...

    And yeah...what is with Engineers.!?

  5. Sandra - You say it like it is my dirtay sister from another mother.

    I finally figured out what "Jizzle" is...that's the way an affiliate's Acronym sounds.

    Miss M - I don't know what's with them. I've dated enough and still have no clue! haha Well there's different degrees of Engineers from the Socially able right down to the Socially disabled.

  6. To comment or not to comment about engineer's since I work with a ton of them...but I'm not one of them. Some are good, some are crappy and some are awesome. Oh and some are just dam hott!!


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