Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Printer has a Happy ....IN MY PANTS

Remember my Happy Printer?

 He can also be found at Mon thru Fri

One of the comments brought up the fact that he looks like Home Star Runner.  

This is a pretty good comparison don't you think?  What's even better is someone said it looked like  Number Munchers

GTFO I used to effin' LOVE this game when I was a kid (in the 80's).  There wasn't any other colours except for shades of green when I played it on the old apple computers at school.

Something like this...I was a kid and there's been a lot of substance abuse that has happens though the years.   Memory tends to get a bit fuzzy but hey, this is pretty damn close.
This got me searching for old Apple Ads and this is what I found:

I miss Jim Henson

This one popped up too:

Yeah, that shit wouldn't fly today.
Getting back to Number Munchers..... check out what popped up on Google Images:

I thought that was pretty boss.

This also showed up:

I particularly enjoy the way the walls match her hair.  Oh and I lived in a house with a similar fake wood panel wall along with dark puke green carpet and matching kermit the frog green couches.  This was all accented by the lovely Macrame strewn about our home. 

Ok, that could not be found in our household but how HOT hey?  There's BUTTONS to cover the nipples.  Old school pasties = Buttons

ANYWAYS more things that popped up when searching for Number Munchers...

Oh Google and your sneaky dirty ways!!  That was "Safe Search Moderate!" What would you show me naughty Google if I turned it off?!  Perhaps a Goatse or two??

Speaking of naughty...check out Inappropriate Remarks "In MY PANTS," contest.  By check it out I mean just read it ya know, cuz I like totally want to win that contest.
I've got the office in on this contest and we're having a hoot. THERE ARE SO MANY but I'm not gonna sharesies in case one of you bastards (I say that with much affection) steal any of my co-workers ideas. 

I know you people are far more creative than that. I'm not so I use other peoples pictures/ideas.  Whatever, works for my  lack of skills  lazy ass.



  1. ok...Number munchers...I had completely forgotten.

    And the macrame...yes, I actually found a twin to that owl one at my mother's house just the other day. She now claims its a halloween decoration and refuses to chuck it. My oldest said, "well grandma, it isn't really scary...or cool...I think it looks like garbage." yet no, she still kept it.

  2. Hey! No fair using your whole office!! Just kidding...win it anyway you can.

  3. Oh wow. I can't believe I was part of the Mac revolution. As in, macrame. I always had a PC, but I do remember some of those ads. Kind of funny looking back on them.

  4. I think almost all houses had that fake panelling at sompoint or another. The first house I grew up in did, then again it was built in the 70's.

  5. I thought you were going to say something about cigarettes??

    I've never put a lit cigarette in my mouth, ever.

  6. I've put more than ciggies in my mouth.


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