Thursday, November 25, 2010

Icky Icky Sicky Sicky

This is gonna be a quickie because I'm a sickie.  Not like dirty in the head sickie...I have a cold.  Manfriend and I both came down with a bug our first day back to work so we took a sick day on Monday. 

I didn't even look at the intertubes.  An entire day on the couch and no bloggity blog. 

Told ya I'm sick. 

Manfriend is all chipper and on the mend and I seem to be worse today. 

Creativity and blogging isn't high on my list of priorities right now but I will be back soon.  Bloggerstock is coming up so I gotta get better so I can drink and type.   It's the best, believe you me. 
Also, I will be laid off from December 15th till Feb 1st.  Meaning there will be plenty of penny pinching and blathering blog time. 
Except those 2 WEEKS I will be in FREEPORT, BAHAMAS.  Not that I'm bragging or anything...hah hah bitchez..j/k loves you 4Eva! Don't hate, keep reading my blog pretty please. 

Oh I just wanted to share this pic of two Hot Mamas (who aren't really Mamas):
Couldn't you just pinch us?!?
 Snaggletooth and I were out with some other hotties for All You Can Eat Japanese & Korean BBQ.  
Being Vegan just wouldn't work for me. 
 Oh you know what's not a good idea?  Wearing a corset and going for all you can eat. I had to keep drinking to force the food back down my throat tube. 

So off I go for a few days to get better and do the work thing.  
I'm still reading blogs, naturally. So keep 'em coming you crazy, wild, dirty, trampy, lovely, warm, pervy, cheeky, poetic, talented...Bloggers! 


  1. I don't know if y'all have this over there...but if you can get 'Air-Bourne' tablets, disolve them in water and drink it every 4 hours you WILL get well quickly. It's a concentrated immune booster.

    And yes, I "could just pinch" you...for starters!!!

    I better go now before I begin speaking of vaginas, tongues, and nipples, and things of that nature...

  2. Take oregano oil! drink it with juice and swallow quick... it tastes like ass and burns like a mother and you will smell pizza for the next 2 days but your cold will be long gone!

    being vegan doesn't really work for me either, but sometimes its the only choice! I'm jealous of your korean bbq because that shit is delish. and your top, i'm jealous of it too. thats hot baby!

  3. Alas, I'm at camp so the only thing I can get for my cold is tylenol type stuff and Buckleys ...extremely over prices...from the camp store.
    I do have Zinc Lozenges and I take my vitamins (too many!).

    My top is a 2 piece. A corset and a satin shrug thingy. After I took it off I told Snaggletooth I was ribbed for her pleasure!

  4. Buckleys tastes like something you'd remove paint with, but it seems to work for me. You'll get weird looks if you go hard core and sip it at work in a brown paper bag .. or at least the goofs I work with don't get the humour ;)

    Sore throat .. hot jello .. I like lemon flavour .. not sure why, but it works!! Maybe it's the intense burning feeling as you swallow. Don't know.

    Get well soon :)

  5. I myself am laying on the couch with elastic waist pants since I'm still full from eating Thanksgiving dinner, feel better soon.

  6. You better be feeling better if you want me to visit you at home :)
    Yes you both looking stunning ;)

  7. Oh I have buckleys, neo citron, tylenol cold and flu day/night....herbals teas etc.

    I'm worse today. Another sick day. Manfriend made me go back to bed. :(

  8. Aw, hope you feel better soon sweetie. Colds are such a drag. If it makes you feel any better the picture is definitely HOT!

  9. Two extra strength Motrin would have had you sitting back at your computer within minutes! Just a little trick for next time. We don't want you having too much down time from bloggerville!


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