Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quick Liquor Infused Ramblings

Try Googling, "I Miss You," and you wouldn't believe all the gey-ass mushy stuff that pops up (I'm not using the term, "Gay," in that sense.  I support the rainbow yo').  I picked the turtle because it's not in a Half-Shell and they're pretty bad ass.  Bad ass as in they've been round the block a few times and hey, I miss you. 
  I know I owe some pictures from the Bahamas.  I did have them saved on my laptop but since Dell's are such a piece of shite and we were too lazy to rebuild it as soon as we bought crapped out.  Now I know why my senior family members go through so many PCs/Laptops.  The Big Box Electornic Bitches put nothing but shit ass programs on them and sell even more shitty warranties on these crap filled units.   The only thing I did was load The Witcher and browse gmail/facebook.  for 2 MONTHS.  Oh my original point, I'm a lazy ass and haven't loaded all the pictures to the laptop again.  I will.  I promise without a timeline attached to that promise
I have to say that having 6 weeks off was killer.  Having the flu and then a cold wasn't so fun but at least I wasn't stuck in a camp room trying to recover.  Going to the Bahamas was tons of fun and I have stories but nothing really sinful.   Sorry to give you a dissapoint.  
Up Yours Tiger.  Gimmie some money.  I'll make it worth your while. 
Oh but anyways I've been back to work and I swore I would be back to the regular scheduling.  The thing is home office still sent shit loads of invoices from November on December 22nd (I'll remind you that we were long gone....actually we stuck to the john at home with a nastly flu).  So I have been super busy and feeling a lil' burnt.  Shit son, I didn't even know what program(s) to open at first.  I really started to panic because I thought I caused some perma swiss cheese holes in my grey matter.  

 Fortunately I didn't do perma damage (that I've detected).  
All I can say is that I've missed the Blogosphere.  I've really missed reading all your posts but I don't dare yet.  It really is a type of crack.  Once I start reading one I start reading all of them and then...well...I have a problem.  I don't want to quit just yet so I'm going to take a few glimpses here or there.  To top it off we're leaving work early and I'm going for a surgery.  It's just a day surgery but yet again another crutch.  ( Herro...gonna be high as a codeine kite so I won't be attempting to form recordable words for a few days). 

Mucho luv and unwarranted groping out to you all.

**PS ~ I Appolonia for dropping the S-Bomb so many times!  I'm still not going to change it but I'm still sorry.


  1. Reading people's posts is like a part time job in itself.

  2. I agree with Drake it is almost a part time job.

    And good luck on your surgery.

  3. I was trying to get some reading in here and there. It does eat up time.
    Thanks Oilfield! Least I get some warm fuzzy drugs to help. ahahah

  4. yeah even say full time job.

  5. Glad you're back .. Your posting is always a great read

    Sucks about the surgery (good drugs aside) .. Good Luck!

  6. Ah yeah, we've been trying to figure out where you've been hiding. I figure you were kidnapped on your vacation and sold into slavery.

  7. Grey matter's for the birds anyway, and stupid art students. Told you you'd get sweet drugs.


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