Friday, February 18, 2011

A Quick Turtle Burger... *Update*

Pull your potty humour minds outta the gutter.  

This is the Turtle Burger I'm talking about :

Yes my friends, that is hot dogs wrapped in ground beef then wrapped in bacon.  I do believe there is cheese there.

This delightful, stroke inducing snack was brought to my attention this morning.  A coworker who I shall call...TurtleHead ( He's gonna kill me if he clicks "potty humour," link I posted above).  No hard feelings though ok Turtlehead.  You're a cool cat and all even if you do play WOW

Apparently you can find this recipe from Follow My Recipe ! Kudos for her and her recipes along with the fantastic photos!


  1. Wow I am not sure if I could eat all that meat.

    And I already knew about the "turtle head" bit, and combined with the picture I did chuckle a bit.

  2. Ohhh. So much wordplay. Funny. As far as the product itself,well, creative, and I could go for one now.

  3. I think I'm a little grossed out.

  4. I love the idea of your "potty humour." It somehow sounds more civilized than the mere "potty humor" we have down here in the States.

  5. Ohmygod, those look deliciously DISGUSTING.

    Comment above: "I'm not sure I could eat all that meat"


  6. holy christ, ckrets. from the tiny picture in my reader, i had already half dialed the calgary humane society, until i opened the page and realized what was going on. when i saw it was made of OTHER dead animals, i put down the phone.

    other dead animals are okay.


  7. How about dolphins? KEEKKEKEKKEKEEEE

    Hahah Kidding..but not really.

    Oh and why thank you Jill. I do try to stay true to our Canadian spellings. Also the pronunciation of 'Z." It's Zed not Zee.

  8. How do you eat it? I’m not big on food which requires you to read through an instruction manual.

  9. That looks turtilffic!

    ...Someone had to say it.

  10. Paraphrasing Homer Simpson... 'Ah Turtle Burger. The cause of and the solution to all of life's problems.'. Wash it down with beer and Homer would smile.

    They look oh so tasty .. but do you eat the cute tail too? I'm wondering 'cause it looks too much like a turtlehead poking out and that could spoil the whole experience lol I've gotta try to make these next week...

  11. next year superbowl...

    fucking turtleburgers

  12. better blog that shit and post pictures!!!

  13. I'm sure the creation is delicious because anything wrapped in bacon is..that's just a given.
    But still, I'm not sure I can bring myself to eating a turtle.


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