Saturday, February 12, 2011

What If You Just Keep Him Hanging?

Bruderheim, AB.
*Title inspired by disturbed friend on Facebook.  His is from Port Alberni after all.

We got a shot of this gem on our long drive from site (Ft. McKay to Calgary).  At least they're getting with the modern age and being creative.  Gotta give 'em points for that.  

For those who care, day surgery went fine as in there were no complications but my questions aka pain has not been answered.  I think I will be working on a second opinion especially since my OBGYN who performed the surgery will no longer be available.  You know how I found out?  By calling to book in April, like she asked, for the follow up.  At first the Bitchface Receptionist said, "No, she's no longer at this clinic."  In the most snottiest tone possible I asked, "Well WHY would she ask me to book in April?!  I just bloody had surgery!"  Bitchface: "Oh, I didn't notice this but it's April 27th.  You can come in on April 27th at 9am."  There's no give with this people in general.  They give you an appt and act like there's no other date that you can come in.  They've done this when they've canceled my appointment which I have carefully chosen due to my work schedule.  They can't grasp that I don't fucking work in Calgary and I book appointments due to that fact.  Ok so long story short they suck and they won't budge.   This time they're being honest.  April 27th is the only gawd damn day that she is seeing patients.  Of course I'm working up North.  So I booked it tentatively but I'm none too impressed.  This doctor did not inform me that she was leaving and she's not taking her patients. 
I'm sore and frustrated to say the least.
I also haven't slept much with a head full of pain meds so I'm a bit snaggley and emotional.  Also not too bright.  Guess who decided too just save some time &  $$ and buy a box of Hair Dye right after she had surgery?   Guess who's front bangs, which were bleach blond, went a shade of greyish green?   Yeah a big ol' epic fail.  I called up my hair dresser who has a home salon nearby.  I shamefully admitted what happened and she squeezed me in for 8am this morning.  She had a good laugh at me for sure. 

I've learned my lesson.

Even though I'm blah and still can't wear jeans (seriously I'm 2 sizes bigger from swelling & bloating) we are having a BBQ.  It's like 6 fucking degrees in February!  That is astonishing.  Thank Mother Earth for Chinooks!
We shall be BBQ some asstastic ribs, which I boiled with onion, garlic, and spices last night.  Kidlet and I will be making a Stout BBQ sauce that is damn fine.  Also we are making some Japanese chicken wings  (Totally low fat with all that frying in butter.)  Also going to grill zucchini with fresh Parmesan, lemon, cracked pepper, and parsley.  Haven't decided on what salad dressing I'm going to make but it shall be tasty, naturally *scoff*.   For appies we got some fresh baked herbed bread with garlic olive oil (Kudos of Snaggletooth) and a balsamic reduction for dipping.  We'll do up some cheeses, pickles, and veggie sticks.  That's just a staple at our house.  
We love food and entertaining.  It's been quite sometime since we've had anyone over but we can't seem to find enough people to come!  Everyone is busy in Winter..weird.  Or nobody likes us anymore.  Hell even if they didn't like us they would still come for the food.  

Now I know I'm supposed to tell you about our travels but I've just been so wrapped up in the now.  I promisess I will tell ya about it and post some some point. 
For now here's a few shots. (They're totally random, you can't expect order from me now can ya?)
Port Lucaya...finally found a place that serves flavored vodka and soda.

Our Beach

Nassau - The Forever Bathroom

Port Lucaya

We don't have this in Canada, or we just haven't come across this evil goodness.
Coral Reef Bar - Where we spent a majority of our time.

Coral Reef Pool.  Too damn cold to swim.  We spent more time in the ocean. 
Happy Feet indeed.


  1. Stout BBQ sauce? made with stout? makes both my meat-loving and beer-loving centres go 'Hmm?"

    Hope you feel better soon, and that bitchface at the clinic is bombarded by snowballs.

  2. I loved your pictures from your vacation. And I can't believe you don't have Reeses Magic Shell up there. That is some good (but evil) shit right there.

  3. Glad to hear the surgery went well and wish you'll be feeling chipper & bubbly soon :) Quite a trooper though .. not bitch-slapping the bitch (though she REALLY deserved it) and taking on making a scrumptious BBQ Party .. sounds mouth watering and hope you all had a blast!!

    Bad hair day .. crap .. we've all had a few of those (and been the brunt of the odd snicker) .. greyish green .. Cool .. you were just extra eager to try out new looks for St. Patrick's Day );

    Love the vacation photos!! Take it easy!!


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