Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whoops I Almost Forgot About My Award!

While I was on Vacay I was given an Award from this crazy cat named Bruce.
He's a blogging machine (I can barely keep 1 blog up to date let alone 4!) and one who's comments are always appreciated.  He also is a proud papa of a handsome black lab named Tucker.
So here it is:
So the rules for this award:
1.Link to the person who gave you this award. (In a post, or in your sidebar, wherever you have this) 
2.Pass the award along to seven other people who post about at least slightly amusing things and tell them. Either by emailing them or commenting on a post, etc. 

3.Say seven(X2)  things about yourself that no one knows. (Or at least you think no one knows.)

4.Pass these rules on. (
copy and paste this winners!)

Ok naming 7 things that I think no one knows about me is going to be difficult considering family reads this blog and well...there's things people don't know about be because they shouldn't. If they did I would have to kill them. Mwahahah.

1.  I am double jointed in my toes.

2.  Biting fingernails disgusts me and if I see you doing it I will promptly ask you if you are hungry and to stop eating your fingers.

3.  Even though I haven't watched it since I started working up North, I love Coronation Street.

4.  I have a huge lump on my head.  Apparently it's a cyst that will eventually have to be surgically removed as it will continue to grow larger, cause pain, and make me look like a freak.  This means I really can't shave my head again. I used to get compliments on my head when it was shaven.  Actually one guy on the city bus in Vancouver said to me, "I just want to compliment you on your head."  I snapped my head around so fast and with such a look of fury that the gentleman bashfully just pointed to his cranium.  Whoops, leave it to me to think an innocent compliment was in regards to a fornicating act.

5.  I decided I want to have a baby.  Not for a couple years yet but it's in the plan.  This is something that I always said I wasn't going to do.  Mostly due to the fact that I was such a fuck up and would be a horrible mother.   There are too many shitty-ass wastes of skin parents creating more wastes of skin that need weeding out of the gene-pool, that I didn't want to be a part of the problem.  Well things have has changed for the better along with that is my self-confidence.  I no longer feel that I will be bringing hell spawn into the world.   That clock is ticking and it's something that I want to share with Manfriend.  He's totally all for it as well.  I'm not gonna have to do the ol' Whoops-I-Stopped-Taking-Birth-Control-2-Months-Ago-Silly-Forgetful-Me surprise.

6. I've had 11 piercings and would love to have more but I'm just lazy.   

7.  If I haven't been getting any I will have full on happy ending dreams to compensate.  It also doesn't take very long as it does when in waking life.  Dammit. Sometimes it's with very odd people that make me shake my head but the worst is when it's with a co-worker.  I generally forget till I see them and I tend to blush and think, OMG they knnnnnow. 

Ok, have I embarrassed myself enough?  

Now for those I nominate!

1.  Sandra from Absolutely Narcissism  has to get an award if it's in regards to LOL's because I generally ROFLMAO when reading her posts.  Plus she's hot. Giggidy.   I wish she lived in Calgary so she could be my personal trainer to whip my jiggly ass into shape.

2.  This stanky ass bloggress named Laura from Awesome Days and Awkward Nights.  She's fairly new to the blog world and needs to post more.  She's an odd duck but cool enough she's coming for a weekend to our humble abode at the end of the month.

3.  Check out Kara at Visions unto myself . Today's post "When Maiden's Play" is such a lovely and eloquent tale of vomitus. 

4.  Old Cheddar and Fried Onions from Campfire Beers isn't all about the cheap Ha-Ha's but has many amusing life stories and is a total perve. I say that with total respect and admiration.

5.  Mr. Drake who reviews movies to video games with a unique and amusing style can be found at Drakes DoomsDay Corner.

6. This bitch makes me pee a little when read her blog Living Shallow, Living Well.  You gotta check it out.

7. The Roaring Dork really is poetically dirty and obscure when reviewing movies.  For example, Feb 3rd Post title:  "Exit Through The Gift Shop" Is Not Just a Tattoo My Mom Has On Her Inner Thigh."  

Well time to get my poop in a group.  Unfortunately I haven't healed that well from my surgery and had to get to a Walk-In clinic this morning.  I'm sore and tired but gotta finish laundry and get my suitcase packed.  Yup, once again it's time to head back to work.  If I had a normal job in the city I definitely wouldn't be going to work tomorrow but balls if I'm going to sit around in a Camp room all day.  I'd rather work, gross I know. 

Ta ta for now.


  1. as usual i get a kick outta your wicked ass sense of humor!

    hope the healing starts getting better. i had surgery like 32 days ago and have not been back to work yet...

    oh yeah, im also unem-self-employed...

    congrats to the winners i will have to look them over...

    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  2. Hey, darlin, thanks for the props! Just got back from the beer store with my supplies for the afternoon's poker tourneys, and Lo and Behold! props.
    You would be a totally awesome mom. If you ever want a godfather for the bairn, we could baptise her in the church of Dudeism (Big Lebowski, ye ken), or maybe something earthy/native. Then she could call me Don Gordo. That would rock. I like babies, especially ones with pretty mamas.
    Hugs out.

  3. an eloquent tale of vomitus...

    My mom would be so proud of me right now. And would definitely stop saying things like, 'I can't believe I paid for you to get two degrees that you're doing absolutely nothing with.'

    I hear you on the baby thing. How I brought it up to my boyfriend was, 'You know that mythical biological clock? It might be real.'

    Thought I was following you as well. That explains why you're never on my blog-roll. Fixing that now.

  4. Oh! And the entire reason I came over here.

    Thank you!

  5. Rad! :D Awards are totally rad! It's like the feeling of getting a high-five from a homeless man. Stoked to actually get it and ignoring the fact you probably have five newly invented strains of super-rabies!


  6. i so want to be one of your co-workers now. you know, so you'll dream about me.

  7. I totally have those dreams, too. The first one I remember is about the old couple on L.A. Law. Ew.

    Anyway, I'm curious how two people who know each other both found my completely random blog. I think you two might be psychic.

  8. Double jointed toes are hot. Double jointed elbows are freaky.

  9. Awww babe, thanks for the award and congrats on yours. So glad you're back, I missed you. I honestly kept wondering how you were doing all hot and sweaty in the sun.
    Double jointed toes, eh. I bet the fiance wishes more stuff was double jointed, right?
    As for the baby, you should start trying now. YOu know it would make awesome blog fodder!

  10. Thanks Everyone! Also thanks for all the laughs.

    Sara - I found it pretty funny when he came into my office saying I had to check you out. I'm all like..duh..she's on my blog roll. He was all proud he found something hilarious and obscure before me. I love pissing on his parade. That's love.

    Sandra - hah Now?! Actually I really want to get married before I get knocked up. I'm already the back sheep in my family so I want to continue rolling with that. (All my cousins were knocked up before or at the wedding...I'm a rebel.)

  11. Loved your revelations, although the last one was a bit shocking.. Congrats on winning the awared, seems like it's much deserved!

  12. PS I just signed up as your newest follower.

  13. Thanks for being of one my groupies (who put out) Lazarus!! hehehe

  14. 111 piercings? I almost want to ask where but I'm too scared to know.


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