Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blow Guard?

Yesterday morning I received an email from a girlfriend (We'll call her McBoobs...she's got a fantastic rack) of mine.  

Subject:  For Real?

Body of email:

My response: It's totally for real.  The end piece can have one of those little vibrators. 

McBoobs response: Wicked awesome!! LOL I knew I wouldn’t have to look it up at work, all I had to do was ask you LOL 

 Apparently she's under the impression I know every single sex toy/aid/perversions etc...Of course I didn't shatter this illusion by telling her I looked up the website at work on my blackberry.  

I must say I'm intrigued and wouldn't mind adding it to the collection.  I mean, what a slogan it's got going on.  "Don't Nick his Dick.  Just Savour the Flavour." savouring going on in this mouth.  That shit isn't lingering...straight down the throat hole it goes. Also I enjoy how the final line is "He'll return the favour."  Right after he wakes up from his  O-face induced nap?   

That's where I'm going to stop...before I get myself into more trouble. 

Remember, Blowgaurd is taking the JOB out of BLOWJOB.   Does that mean I don't get paid for them anymore?


  1. you blow your boyfriend with that dirty mouth?!?! lol

    and i'm curious now too, but too lazy to try it. you must be a pioneer for womankind, crkets! give it a go, record your findings, and report back to us posthaste.

    in the name of science...

  2. This is just a ploy. They are packaging it as though it's a flavor favor for us women and really it's just so he doesn't accidentally catch a tooth.

    Fuck this noise.

    If his flavor is so foul you need a tube of flavo-lube, then his dick shouldn't be in your mouth anyhow.

    And a well-placed tooth is great for reminding him who is REALLY in control.

    Just sayin'...

  3. I’m not really sure why, but I laughed for five minutes straight at ‘O-face induced nap.’

  4. Hahahah
    I couldn't wait for some comments on this post. I knew you all wouldn't fail to deliver.

    Drake - You laugh....cuz you KNOW

  5. This is a sore subject for me. lol

  6. OMG this is amazing.... buying one IMMEDIATELY. :)

  7. No need for all of that clutter in your mouth...I prefer an uninhibited mouth! hahaha

  8. i think it is better if the girl has removable dentures...

    i just wish i knew more hockey chicks, missin' chicklets..

    jus' sayin'

  9. The teeth are just a chance he has to's like the danger zone. Swimming with sharks shall we say?

    Besides I'm kinda thinking a man looking down onto a mouthful of retainer is gonna be a bit of a turn off no?

  10. Ok this has to be the funniest post I have read from you girl!!! I recieved dirty looks today when I burst out laughing over this one.

    I have to agree with Bruce. Just find a woman hockey player (remember we are from Kanada) and your all set when her front 4 chicklets are missing :)

    Then again, if a woman's scraping the skin with teeth, she ain't very good in the first place.

    I can't believe manfriend falls asleep with the 'O' face, men just don't do that ;)

  11. Wow....that certainly blew me away :o--:

  12. 'Swimming with Sharks' .. Too true :) And a little nip (on purpose of course) just enforces who is in control and who will 'expect' the favour returned lol


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