Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Manfriends PEEN Hat

It would've been brilliant if he was wearing a beige, winkled, turtleneck.

As you can see things are quiet as it's TOO FUCKING COLD to work.  Well not for us staffers.  We get to go to work because we're in our non-chushy offices.  All the craft remain in camp since it is -37 C which feels like -45 with windchill up on site. 

I am sick of the cold.  Sick of being cooped up.  Sick of my winter/vacay weight.  We have started going to the gym and hopefully I can drop 15lbs without resort to methamphetamines.  FINGERS CROSSED!  I'm totally kidding.  For one, I have skin that doesn't need scabby sores to accent my cheekbones.  Second, dentist are rapingly expensive so I try to practice good dental hygiene.  Smoking meth is not a good example of good dental hygiene, in case you were wondering. 

Oh if you having seen the guy plowing through a crowd of cycling activists in Brazil, you can watch it here.   It's a holy-batman-shit-balls kind of thing.  

Also check out this mentally unstable half wit Rep Bobby Franklin from Georgia.
He has proposed a bill that:  "Would require that women who miscarry prove that there was "no human involvement whatsoever in the causation" or they could become felons."  (From: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/577/966/572/ )  I seriously  fucking hope that a bill like that would not pass.  The amazing thing is his Administrative Assistant is Andrea Postell who I'm guessing is the one who typed up the draft for this bill.  I don't know about you ladies but there's not a freaking chance I would type up such asinine, oppressive, bull shit.  She should be stripped of her vagina. 
Check out the first link for his other proposed bills. They're  a treat...really.  

That's all I have to share today.  You kids play safe out there.



  1. Yeah, a bill like that could only come from a bible-thumper in Georgia... when I require an immediate penis head hat, I always look for the purple fire helmet...

  2. I am sorry you at sick of winter. I can't blame you, I was sick of it as well. Now here it is in the high 70's (f) and very nice. I think winter is over for us.

    As for the idiot in Georgia, I agree he is a nut job for sure. All of those bills were dumb with the exception of 1. The one about being able to freely grow your own stuff in a garden or raise your own animals is a good one. Recently the idiots in Washington passed a little known bill which gave very broad powers to the Food And Drug Administration. Hidden in the bill was a thing about making it illegal to grow or raise your own food. Yep it is in there because I read the bill and shook my damn head at it. So this guy offering up a bill like that makes sense. But even a blind person can hit a bulls eye one time in their life, and that idiots one time was with that one bill. He is still a looney toon though.

  3. Meatbag - erm purple fire helmet.....that is fantastic.

    Oilfied - Rub it in why don't ya? There's reports that the winter is going to continue on and it's going to be colder than usual. *pouty face*

    Yeah that Goof in Georgia is a piece of work.
    Didn't know about that bill that is giving the FDA broad powers like that..being Canadian and all.

    It's already difficult to have a small private farm in Canada. They've made it so only the big companies can legally afford to run a farm. Bring on the chemically infused meat & produce!

  4. It's not the size nor the appearance of the hat......it's how you USE it!

  5. That is exactly how they are doing it here as well, big farm. They are slowly wanting everyone in this country to be reliant on someone or something else (ie government) and it pisses me off.

  6. whoa. bobby be bonkers.

    and i can't believe that video of the car plowing down all those cyclists! did they catch that guy?

  7. Government in any form is evil.


  8. Kage - Yes they did. Couple of the cyclists followed the driver. He injured about 40 people but no one died.


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