Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Panty Sniffer & Fun with Fanager *Update

It's been a quiet rotation due to the weather.  It was too cold for the craft to work (-35C to -40C) so they were sent home for a week.  This has left many of us with (I'm not going to say too much time on our hands because there's never enough time in this short life) more time to focus on pranking each other. My last post had to do with Gingermate leaving his PC unlocked and ending up with not so nice background images like:


Now I'm not trying to hate on Morbidly Obese people here, this is what the guys are doing and's just plain not nice to look at.

So Fanager left his computer unlocked and Gingermate all over that like a Preacher on a choir boy.

This is what Fanager's Desktop looks like:

I think I peed a little when I Gingermate found this picture.  People starting asking questions as to how I Gingermate finds all these pictures.  It's like they're a bunch of internet virgins.  HELLO IT'S THE INTERNET, ARE YA NEW HERE?  There's thing that can not be unseen even when googling sweet baby kittehs. Shit these people need to get on the intertubes more.  
Pffft, probably haven't even watched, "2 Girls 1 Cup."  N00bs.

*Update:  Apparently I lost a follower because of this post.  Now I'm not all crazy about how  many followers but I liked the round number of 50.  *Makes Pouty Face*
I think it was probably the preacher comment.  Must be that. Yeah. 

*Double update I forgot to include the panty sniffer comic that had me in stitches.


  1. That is hilarious. We used to do that to people back in my old office when I first joined. Some of the things we used to make their screen pictures were almost criminal. lol

  2. Those are some sexy pictures that you dug up!
    Don't worry about the follower thing...I once lost five after a post about Joey Lawrence's musical talents.... (who knew he still had that many fans!?)

    and I'll be back....soon, I hope.
    (my morning/noon/night sickness is getting me down.)

  3. I'm having a hoot with it.

    Oh and I'm back up to 50 followers *happy dance*

  4. Awww Miss Mel! Well hopefully you're on the rebound. I miss your posts.

    Oh and yeah I remember that about the Joey Lawrence post. haha WOAH

  5. I find that the more I 'am myself' in my posts, the more followers I lose. Go figure. But at least I have the loyal important readers who offer to hump my leg.

  6. really, you lost a follower for that?! cuz all your previous posts have been all soft spoken and delicate, and they were just so surprised? lol

    i'm glad to see you were back up to 50 again in no time ;)

  7. I can't stop laughing...or wondering how those 2 women got those panties / shorts on up over their ummmm...

    Anyhow...this was great; specially the lecherous bear!

    If I could follow again, I would!

  8. I won't lie, I'm kinda turned on.

  9. How...what a booty call. The white chick looks like she's sitting in a pile of her own excrement.
    Regarding followers, don't worry about the one that got away, you've got me hooked.

  10. i don't get it...i lose followers on my evil twin blog all the time...

    i mean i tell everyone in the intro that i will offend them...

    whatever...your blog rocks and those that left...fuck em with a spork...

  11. Oh I just heart all you dirty birds!
    Thanks for your words of encouragement. It makes ma heart go thumpity thump!


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