Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick Hello and Ceramics

It was a whirlwind weekend of heading to Banff with Snaggletooth as well as hitting up Radium Hot Springs, B.C. and now I'm back up at work which is being all busy and stuff.  How dare work come in-between me and blogging?! I most definitely want to post about our lil chickie drunk fest but there's just no time.  Not only is work busy but now we have to move to a different camp one that feels like a fucking prison and being the creatures of comfort that we are, we have a shit ton of stuff to move. 

Been trying to read as many blogs as possible as I start to go withdrawal when I don't know what's going on in your lives.  We do have a week off at home so if we're not rushed with activities and errands, I'll be sure to blog whore it up.

Before I go, we did pick up the ceramics we painted a few weeks back.  Yes I bitched that they were over priced but even if they're not perfect they're self gratifying.

Gee...which one is Manfriends?
My plate backside turned out better which is like totally opposite when it comes to me.
You didn't need to see Manfriend's backside.  It's all about me.
Then I got to dress that bitch up.

Sorry not too terribly exciting and a lil' fruity but hey, I gotta let my creative side come out to play sometimes.


  1. Um...I'd suggest covering his plate with some cheese and crackers. Soon.

  2. I actually didn't do cheese and crackers that evening...I did spring rolls for the appies.
    If you came for dinner I would make sure there was an assortment of cheeses for you pleasses.

  3. Your plates are the wrong shape, they should be round. I'm old-fashioned like that.

  4. You two did a pretty good job with the plates.

    I am hungry now.

  5. totally awesome in an artsy fartsy sorta way.

    good on ya

    work should never interfer with the blog world...damn those work things anyway

  6. When you make it with your own hands .. it's always awesome!! :)

    What's even better is that they are practical for fruit, veggies, cheese, buttered leftsa (mmm), yummy sushi or anything else that I could possibly think of stuffing my face with ;)

    I may also be heading to Radium this weekend and catching up with a couple old 'friends' =) I'm excited!! Hope Snaggletooth and yourself didn't soak up all the heat from the Hot Springs :)

  7. Good god, I wouldn't admit to making that yellow monstrosity!

  8. Oh Good Lord. I thought for a second you had a child and HAD to use what he gave you from six grade art class. But then I thought - ooooo classy.

  9. whooo! show us your plates! oh wait, you already did.

    nice plates, gorgeous!

    and i can't wait to hear about the drunk fest in banff ;)

  10. I thing the platter with the ladybug is your strongest piece. Is this low-fire bisque that you painted with under-glaze. If ya like ceramics; give the wheel a try. Frustrating at first, but well worth it's mastery.

  11. Very nice!!!

    To add another blog to your list...check out http://www.williamsgirl.com/2011/03/cherry-on-top.html



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