Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Day of Spring was March 20th....Right?

This is the way it looks March 23rd:

And back...just in case it might be different
This has been one damn long winter.  If we didn't spend 2 weeks in the Bahamas I'd either be fetal or stabby.  Depending on the day of course. 

Our BBQ has a sad.  This should be prime season to fire up the BBQ and start cleaning up the yard in preparation for gardening.  The older I get, the more I love gardening.  I find it therapeutic and rewarding but do not get to indulge in it as much as I would like.   Calgary will not be my place of retirement. 
I can't even walk my poor old doggy in this crap.

I give her plenty of cuddles and ball throwing to make up for it. 

It's about time I get my poop in a group and head to my appointment for Allergy testing. Oh after talking to several people at work I know what in for and definitely not looking forward to it.  However, at least I'll know what the hell I'm allergic to instead of the whole guessing thing.  Anyone who's going to quit smoking, don't be surprised if your allergies smack ya like a shovel to the face.   At least you get rid of the nicotine lung butter.


  1. That's our spring, too. After our whole goddamn FALL was snow-covered. I'm so over it.

    Good luck with the allergy testing. I've done it, it's no fun.

  2. I'm with you. Eff you Calgary-Mother-Nature. Piss off

  3. Sorry about the spring snow showers. I love how you made the sad face on the bbq pit.

    In other news the high here today is roughly 80.

  4. Fackin' snow! Sylvan Lake is disgusting with the snow right now...even the snowmen are depressed.

    In other news...that has to be the cutest little doggy I've seen in a long time!

  5. They're calling for it here :-(

    Not looking forward to it.. end of season, one winter jacket has a broken zipper, the other smells of cat (yeah, that's a long story. wait, no it's not. My cats are assholes)


  6. It's a beautiful 86 degrees here! :)

  7. It's sunny here. In ENGLAND! We were thinking of getting out the old BBQ.

  8. Hopping over from Kage's place. Nice to meet you!

    I'm so over winter too. My BBQ is equally sad and my poor little dog HATES going outside. It's hard to piddle when the snow is up to your vajayjay.

    Hope you have a minute to stop by my "house" too.

    Happy Thursday!
    Lana D.

  9. I'm with Drake, sunshine in Yorkshire. Beautiful.

  10. Agreed .. I'm so sick of shovelling this wet, heavy crap .. geez, enough is enough already .. bring on spring :)

    Just finished shovelling Wed to have it start snowing again the moment I hung up the shovel .. Grrrr .. Old Man Winter has a mean sense of humour!!!

    If I'm lucky, last night was the 'last time' to chip that icy mess off the sidewalks .. but if I was really lucky, I'd win the lottery and escape until spring arrives ;) Sounds like it's great where Drake Sigar is at :)

  11. OMG! I'm in AZ, We skipped Spring, here Summer is in full bloom!

  12. awww, i love the last picture! woof! woof!

    who's a boo? who's a baby boo boo? look at you, you little rascal! do you want a snuggle? do you? do youuuuuuuuuuuuu?

    oh, and tell your pooch she's cute too ;)

  13. need to move to Southern California. Canadians are welcome.

  14. I promise spring will come. The snow will melt and maybe the Dr.'s can find out what you're allergic to. Your dog is a cutie pie. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  15. Two things made me laugh with this post - 'fetal or stabby' is now part of my lexicon of awesome phrases.

    And that is the saddest poor old puppy EVER! How can you stand to have it look at you? Breaks my heart.


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