Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekend Follow up - Vets, Ceramics, Booze, and Dissapointment

Today's Post is brought to you by Search Keywords:
 How two people found my blog by searching, "Granny Fuck Pic," is beyond me.  It is also very wrong.  Ain't gonna be no Granny Fanny 'round here ya'll. 

So it's been a little while since I posted but that's how it goes when I'm enjoying my whirlwind of 3 and a half days off.  Then I come to work and have to leave early due to a fever.  When I'm sick the last thing I want to do is blog.  My brain is reserved for gaming and cheesy movies only.  

This past weekend went by so bloody quick that it seemed like a blink of an eye and I was on a plane again.  A flight that dropped so far and fast I nearly had to pull my intestinal tract off the ceiling. We started with Massage, Chiro, Doctor appt, groceries and picking up the kidlet. This pretty much eats up the entire day.  We did stop at Loco Lou's which is across from SAIT, meaning it was full of young college boys making me feel old.  Old and creepy for checking them out so lustily.

Next day it was off to the vet for Shayla and Aria:


If you don't have a harness for your cat, get one.  It's tons of fun. 

We also took time to do some wholesome fun painting ceramics.
Proof he can be creative.
My piece of stencil art.
Possibly one of the worst pictures.  It looks like I've had a stroke.
Really that picture is awful but at least I'm wearing my kickass apron from Sappy Apron.  Oh and of course the Kidlet was there but I don't need to post pictures out of her her mother would shit out a pigeon on my foul mouthed blog.  I'm quite stoked to see how our $40 freaking dollar plates will look after they've been fired up.  They better come out looking orgasmically fantastic for $135! Yes... $135 bucks for 2 plates and this rose container thing that the kidlet painted red & BLACK.  She's so goth.  Oh I almost forgot, that included the 15% gratuity that was mandatory.  You know it's cool if you let people know it's customary to tip in that kind of joint but to make it mandatory?  It's Canada, not Australia.   They explain the whole painting system there, came to our table to change the water once, and came back to the table to take our finished product.  I wouldn't call it exemplary service.  I call it, DOING YOUR JOB.   

Saturday night was a girls night for Snaggletooth and I.  We sat at the bar at the Pig & Whistle Pub in Beddington. I assure you it's a classy place.  It's a pub where a lot of Newfies tend to congregate so it's an interesting time.  We didn't have too many drinks but got pretty blammo'd.  One thing that was a nice surprise was the young lad bartender that was hitting on me.  Took me a few free drinks and winks to clue in but yes indeed, he wanted to tap my 32 yr old ass. I think...or just let me think that because my self-esteem has been sitting in the muddy ditch so let me have this one ok?
Gratuitous, dark, grainy, drunken pictures. 

Can't see shit but we thought we looked hot at the time. 

One thing that rocked was the plus temperatures that both Kage and I were thoroughly  thawing out enjoying.  (We so gotta hang in Cowtown ok?  I don't have many female friends especially with music tastes such as yourself. )

One thing that didn't rock was how absolutely smammered Snaggletooth ended up.  Well no, that was pretty amusing especially finding her face down, spread eagle, passed out on my bed.  The thing that sucked was listening to her yak for about 8 hours.  She's little but she's certainly not quiet!  The poor thing was so sick and I did what I could to make her feel better but when I could hear her heaving, I wanted to chunder. 

That is all my bloggy friends.  Oh other than apparently Chuck has pulled out (insert skanky joke here) of the event!  This  I was really really really realllllllyy looking forward to seeing him!  Really. 


  1. I've thought about trying that pottery looks pretty cool!

    Your kitty made me laugh...I never had a leash for mine but I would tie a string to the ceiling fan & turn it on low. No that cat wasn't attached to the just got seriously dizzy chasing it. Funny shit when yr kitty walks drunk!

  2. I've done the ceramic painting thing before but in the evening with wine and appies. WAY MORE FUNNER. Especially without a 7 year old girl's bday party going on.

    Yeah that's the Cavedweller's (Soon to be brother in law) kitty. I'm the one who purchased the harness & leash for her because I like to take outside (she's an indoor) when I'm chilling in the yard. She adapted quickly but just couldn't figure it out at the vet. hahah

  3. Video is too funny .. Cats are so fun to watch lol

    Sucks you're not feeling well :'( .. get better soon .. must have been all this nice weather we've been having in Calgary that shocked your system from that -40 crap you just came from before the weekend .. take it easy!

  4. haha! poor aria. lol

    and we DO gotta hang out in cowtown!


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