Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Snake Chasing Day

AKA:  St. Patrick's Day!

Not the most Shamrock flattering shirt but it's amusing none the less.

Oh I so had to add this:  


  1. Nice shamrocks. Thanks for posting them and looking out for my heart health. lol

  2. Thanks guys! They may be small shamrocks but they do the job perky-ily

  3. Irish people don't celebrate St. Patricks Day, English people don't celebrate St. Georges Day, Scots don't celebrate St. Andrews Day.
    Only Americans seem to give toss about these Paddys day.
    However, nice shamrocks.

  4. that shirt is awesome! i want one too!

    and you look gorgeous, darlink ;)

  5. Tony - I celebrate what ever I can! What can I say, I'm a festive person.

    Kage - I bought it in Cross Iron Mills. I also erm...bought some star wars t-shirts. shhhhh. hehehe

  6. American folks are so lucky because they get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. People here in Mexico have no idea what that is.

    (Oh and cold weather rules!!!)

  7. El Grande here in california we can do St. Patrick's and El cinco de Mayo, the best of all worlds.

    Thank you for the Muppets. I needed a good musical interlude.

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review

  8. Awesome shirt that was sure to get a lot of stares lol .. Manfriends' shirt is great too .. it's making me thirsty for a taste of a Guinness or two or ten .. burp .. belch .. toot .. excuse me ;)

  9. celebrate more...bitch less! that is one of my credos...


    any excuse to drink heavily is cool by me!

  10. And don't worry about the size, us menfolk love them all.

  11. Saint Andrew's Day is Nov 30, I think, and NO bloody green food coloring bothering a good beer. Single malt neat.

  12. El - are a sick puppy. You need to come up to Northern Alberta. Bet you would change your tune!

    Laz - I giggled like crazy watching that vid. I miss The Muppet Show.

    Geo - Hope you had a good one and celebrated in Cowtown for us!

    Bruce - Right on man.

    Oilfield - Thanks hon ;)

    Chedda - I've never let green beer pass my lips. Groudie.

  13. Ok, now I want a tshirt like that AND the rack that would go into it!
    You have a lovely busoom my dear...see how classy I can be when I wanna!

  14. My boobs are so tiny I only need a single shamrock. Sigh

  15. I used to live in Rhode Island, it actually got pretty cold up there, but not as cold as Alberta I'm guessing.


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