Monday, March 21, 2011

Really, I Got Nothing.....

Pretty much dry in what to post about but I felt that I should post.  I'm trying to be dutiful here.  So um...well I'm still at work up in Northern Alberta where it is nicer than the shit show snow storm happening in Calgary.  The Client is making us move to a camp that we do not like but there is nothing we can do other than suck it up.  That can be difficult when you think that we may be here for another year and we spend more time here than we do our own home.  What are we going to do?  Make the best of it of course.

Know what's awesome?  I'm flying home tomorrow on the 4:30 flight instead of 8pm on Wed.   The reason why is I'm going for Allergy Testing at Dr. Doctor's office (I shit you not, his last name is Doctor.  Talk about twice the ego!) and after talking to a few people's not going to be fun.  At least I'll have my doggy to cheer me up.  

One thing I will be doing that may fuel the creative blogging, is heading to Banff with Snaggletooth. We're heading for a couple nights to do some snow shoeing and party pretty much.  We usually have quite the fuct up adventures so stay tuned. Hopefully we won't be puking as much this time.

Know what else is awesome?  Your Fiancee saying that you're an immensely (Like a million times...)better cook than his mother and ex-wife.  Fuck yeah. Better recognize.

If you live somewhere warm, soak up some Vitamin D and send it my way will ya?

(Here's some stuff that made me giggle)

I admit that Manfriend explained this one to me.....what is to the far right corner of your screen right now??  Hahah

I suspect there's a few of us bloggers that fit this.


  1. Yay for you going home early.

    I absolutely loved the pics. Especially the ET, the self molesting, and the bandwidth one. Loved them.

  2. Love that duck comparison. I don’t know why young girls feel the need to purse their lips on every Myspace picture, they just end up looking like some kind of humanoid fish.

  3. Funny pics of some crazy sh*t out there .. Great for laughs :)

    Have a great flight back to Calgary!

  4. I totally had that light-up E.T. finger when I was a kid. If only I'd known the possibilities!! I wonder if the light was strong enough to shine out through my belly button?

  5. Had to do a double-take on the E T finger light; thought it said E T phallus.

  6. haha to funny girl!!

  7. appaerntly my comment was already published so if this is double..sorry...

    whore tree...that was fucking funny!

    and the mouse one was hilarious, but my fav was the two gansta's...

    (i better return that jogging suit to kohls..i guess..i sure thought it was a lot more stylish unilt i was someone else wearing it..)

    note to self: nO MORE DRUNK shopping..damn tequila...

  8. Glad you all enjoyed...ya bunch of loveable pervs!

  9. what's with everyone barfin' up rainbows? lol

    have fun in banff! again, call me when you need to make bail...


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