Monday, August 23, 2010

Banning Back Yard Fire Pits In Calgary?!

With attention focused on air quality due to the forest fires in BC, has also brought attention in the media to the banning of backyard fire pits.  Apparently there are "VICTIMS of Woodsmoke,"   out there.  Comments must be approved on that blogspot and so far I haven't noticed one negative comment.  However, the Hal Gardiner Blog   from the Radio Station xl103 (Yes it's oldies but the guy I share an office with is an oldie and hey, I like and know the tuneage.) showed a different response but again, those comments were submitted then posted by the Admin.  (I commented on the fly as well..used my first name..can ya guess which one?).  

There is only about 4 months out of the year that people actually utilize their firepits in Calgary.  Most often it's too bloody cold or windy.  There are bylaws in place which people generally follow within a city.  I feel these people are being dramatic and for fuck sakes....can we do anything anymore?!!?  There are far larger concerns in the world.  Focus on air quality management in regards to Industry/Corporation, not the people.  People survived for centuries with WOOD FIRES. 

Common motherfucking sense. 

                                                                                      I wonder how many of them operate motor vehicles?   

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  1. Well this is what you get when you become a liberal society. I say smoke them all out :)


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