Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Boring Ass Yard Update

Yes, it's lame and boring but it's MINE.  

You don't understand how kinda ghetto renter looking it was getting.  Also keep in mind that in the last couple of years I am actually home, in Calgary, twice a month.  The total time off I had off would be about 8 days a month.  Now it's even less with the new company.  After all appointments, grocery shopping, midget tossing, True Blood watching, chores and the like are all done, well it can be hard to find the time to attack the yard.  We work 10 hour days with up to 2 hrs of travel time so when we are home we also like to relax.

That also excuses me in my lack of blogging.  I come up with these grandiose ideas when somewhere it's not possible to blog.  These ideas quickly fade as my gray matter doesn't always fire a lot of neutrons or something like that..wait..dudette...what? 

Right.  I forget things and there's not a terrible amount of things going on in my life but there is a CRAPLOSION of things going on.  Thankful I am for my crackberry calendar but not so thankful that I seem to cock up my calendar entries.  (Manfriend is smart and helpful at times..ok VERY often with these things...and told me to put the actual date and time of the appointment in the subject line.  Bloody well brilliant, I say. ) 

Where was I going with this again?  Oh right, the yard.  We will leave the staining of the fence out of this because for some reason the weather in Calgary is behaving like a big ol' assclown of misfortune and tends to rain when we are home.  You're not supposed to apply stain if it's going to rain within 24 hrs, the directions tell me so and they dictate correctly.  The runs in the stain on one section tells me so.   Balls. 

The pictures I am about to present are actually from the end of July so things have progressed.  I am blogging now and am about a 9 hr Drive between me and our yard so older pictures will have to do.
Shay after doing her business. The wee shrubbery is actually growing.  Lets hope they survive the winter and no one drives over them.  Yes this happens.

So the purple Kale was HUGE after this pic and had to be cut back.  Also There is a cool mushroom thing I added and must get a picture of  when I get home.  Even Manfriend thinks it looks good.  I'm not allowed pink flamingos so he compromised.

This I sent to Manfriend when he was working.  This was in my few extra days off before starting the new job.  Weird, doesn't look like me but hey, check out that heartfelt flower bed. NEATO.
Yeah I'm proud and I enjoy making things grow.  If I had more time I would hopefully do more and make my CrazyGreenThumb Momma proud but for now I will do what I can with the yard, cook new and ample meals, give squishy hugs, and provide tons of giggling laughter.  

MWHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA  These eyes, they be plotting.

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  1. Ok ao what is smammered? And do you toss old midgets? young ones and does sex make a diference for the distance thrown?

    Were is the best place to obtain throwable midgets? is there a special isle in the supermarket for them?

    oh look a shiney penny......what were we talking about?


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