Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winter Will Come Soon and Ye Shall Blog

The combination of starting a new job and trying to enjoy the short Alberta summer has kept me away from blogging.  Oh and by enjoy I mean, doing yard work, trying to stain the fence, and do all those responsible adult like stuff that people do when they have a house, yard, and like ..stuff.  

Along with the new job there is plenty of fun filled driving time to site and back to Calgary.  Generally it takes about 9 hrs one way.  

Derpity Do.   

We have fun.  We also have Sirius radio AND I dropped a butt load of cash at Chapters for books. (Hey people who buy me cards are COOL in my books and I also like buying books.  Chapters GIFT CARDS are always appreciated.) 

It isn't very lush or green in this Province but it really is beautiful.  I often think that I should get a decent camera (I busted my digital one) instead of using my blackberry and take some courses on photography.  As many can tell I have morphed my blog into something that contains more photos than writing but really for those who really know me, I'm sure you're not surprised.  My attention span is stupidly limited. "I CAN COUNT TO POTATO!" So Ms. SnaggleTooth, you are right.  Your Province is pretty even though it is full of Meat, Potatoes, and Cowboys/Rednecks.  

There's been some nice sights ( Manfriend is soooo gonna kill me for that pic since some of family members read this blog but hey, I'm not going to dress up reality here folks, it's me after all) and the new digs/job is a learning curve.  The Materials Dept. is quite the group of fellas but I'm feeling far more at ease.  Once I can nest...set all my comfort shit up...I start to get all learn'ded better like.  Translation:  Once my mind~spirit is comfortable, it is far more susceptible to the work environment.  In Layman's terms, it's all cool yo. 

I have to say life is pretty good and I feel very fortunate for my life and loved ones.  The news always reminds me of this:

Also I won a muthafukin prize/draw today!!!!!!!!!!!! We go to a local bakery when we are home called Cobbs and I've entered the draw a few times.  There was a portable grill, sleeping bag, tent, cooking books and I dunno....I WAS SO EFFIN STOKED and no one would share in my excitement when I told them I..was.a....WINNER. 

Whatever...Manfriend  gave me the HIGHFIVE (in total coolness and badness) with true enthusiasm.  I am SO spending the rest of my life with his respective ass and my future apologies to his family for having to deal with me.  RESPKECKKT


PSS:  I will post a pic of my prize as soon as we get back to Calgary, which is next Thursday.


  1. Yay! I totally would've high fived you! ..what no pictures of your prize?!

  2. High fives make EVERYTHING awesome times infinity!

  3. I shall take pictures most definitely.

    Yes, high fives do make EVERYTHING awesome. When Manfriend and I do something stupid we do a, "Hi-Five For Love!"


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