Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Think Safety!

No I'm not talking about condoms/rubbers/cock socks/jimmies/love gloves/safes/rain coats/hazmat suits...etc..

So this new gig, the HSE (Health Safety Environment)is a lil nerdish and even if you are outside you must be wearing CSA approved composite toed shoes and safety glasses. Someone may step on a nail, which should be a freak accident, and someone may get dust in their eyes.  Dust?!?!  Well for fuck, there is nothing but dust around here.  I feel that we should wear safety glasses when we are sleeping just in case.  Definitely if you are performing cunnilingus because that can be even more damaging than dust.  Not that I would know or anything like that. ANYHOW, I had to buy some boots but those boots turned out to be shoes and those shoes turned out to be a skate style.

See that wee lil orange tag on the right shoe?  That's CSA Approved..and electrically resistant. Not to my electric personality of course. BaazzzaOWW Imma cornball.  But yeah, that shit is way cooler than the other clod hoppers out there.   A thank you to Manfriend for taking this picture.  The lighting makes it look like a shoe ad for hardworking EMO's.  Which totally wouldn't exist because it would never is the hates me and it isn't fair, you know and umm stuff.  
Duckface Safety Mindset



  1. Oh you look so sexy in your saftey gear!!

  2. HAH Smart ass
    Just wait until you see the full meal deal. Pretty smokin' wearing my stripes and dome protector.

  3. WTF
    The last time I saw a pair of shoes like that were worn by spikoli (sean penn) on fast time at ridgemont high.

    Great fashion statement.


  4. I think you look HOT!! I'd do ya ;)

  5. Lennnnny..these shoes are bitchin'
    Got to wear them for the first time today and my safety glasses are blue too so they match. I'm uber cool.

  6. After reading this I can't get the thought of a dusty vag out of my head. THANKS.


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