Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Like Christmas Morning and I'm like 5 Years Old!!! SQUEEEEE

Woke up early all giddy and brain racing.  Then woke up man friend for some...casual conversation... Then I started giggling and said, "YAY We're having a party and it's mostly about me!! Tee Heeee!"  

 Lets face it, engagement parties/weddings are for us ladies.  Granted Men put up with it enjoy it but it's all about the owner of the va-jay jay.  Those of us gals who generally are not very girly turn into Princesss-Powder-Puff.

So Yessssss.....I'm all excited this morning!  Luckily I am not that high maintenance and do not require the whole expensive, frou-frou, reservations, formal invitation, formal dress, engagement party.  Instead we are going to tidy up the house, mow the lawn, stock the booze fridge, prep food, play tunes, and hopefully fill the house full of great friends.

Being a hostess is the most entertaining thing for me.  I love feeding, entertaining, and amusing my peeps.   We picked out 4 different recipes for kabobs today: 

Soy Glazed Salmon (this is one of my faves)
Beef and Green Onion ( Contains rice vinegar, sesame oil & ginger)
Chicken Bacon Brochettes (bacon wrapped chicken, mushrooms & onions)
Pattypan Skewers (summer squash, sundried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar & parsley)
Grilled Sausage Spiedini ( Hot Italian Sausage, baguette, red onion & garlic)

Also going to do Balsamic Grilled Peppers and Zucchini. The only recipe that isn't new is the salmon, which totally rocks and takes about 2 mins to make the glaze. there shall be a ton of uber good OMNOMNOM's tonight! 

The Kidlet made a red velvet cake with Manfriend last night and going to decorate it today. She was so excited after Manfriend told her we were engaged.  Oh I got huge squishysqueejumpingupanddown hugs when she got here yesterday.  Plus she loves a party as well so her contribution is the cake and she's designing/painting a poster for people to sign tonight.  She also enjoys prepping the snack trays along side me.  Yeah she's pretty boss.  I've told her I only stick around with Manfriend because of her.

Well I've done my yoga, my blogging, dusting, movie watching, so now it's time to actually be productive.


Oh some man meat to graze on..




  1. Ok, so why no eye candy for manfriend and us other men?? Cause i'm feeling left out here Jilly.
    Oh and the NOMNOM's look yummy!


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