Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Had a Brillant Idea and These Are The Steps to MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Have Manfriend call up and randomly suggest buying this upcoming item (picture) with his airmiles  AND...agree.

It's not ONLY a stand folks, a double wide hammock is included.

After looking at it for a few months or something like that (sometimes a few months is like a year in MY time but this time isn't the case) and decide to put it together.


Slice that bitch open and throw the parts on the grass.


Read the tiny directions sewn onto the canvas carrying case. Yessss this hammock is portable. Then start to put it together.  I'm not a total hopeless female and these were no confuffled IKEA directions so it was going smoothly.


Hose down the dog just for the hell of it and it was quite hot out for a critter that wears a black fur jacket.
She LOVES it.  Just look at that sneer.


Pear Ciders are the shizznit in the summer. 

 PS:  Manfriend SOoooooo bailed on the hammock.  I couldn't help but laugh and then he gave me his angry hurt face.  Semi-rushed over to him to see if he was ok and to attend to his oh-so-deep wounds.  The realization set in that he was hurt but not THAT bad, just bruised ego.  So I giggled even louder.  
Hey, I'm not mean.  I love the man through and through but I provide so much slapstick entertainment on a daily basis through my clumsiness.  Sometimes the world is fair and it's my turn for a laugh. 

PSS:  Love you honey!!! (I know you're reading this right away).


  1. Sweden: 1 Ego: 0
    Brutality by neutrality! Sounds like a death metal song. Hahah.

  2. that hammock is awesome! way better than the horrible rope ones that make you look all waffley afterwards. and a portable hammock? there is nothing you can say to convince me that a PORTABLE hammock can do anyone any good in any situation.

  3. We used to have those net like hammocks when I was a kid (we had trees to attach them to) and um..I broke several of them. Not only cuz I was a fat kid but treated it like it was a swing.

    It really is a fun hammock though. I heart it.

  4. So what's sex like in the new hammock. I know you would try this out.....

  5. Oh, that looks so nice. Can I come lay in your hammock instead of working?


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