Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick Ass Fud Post

Since we just got back to site last night and I've been actually productive...I haven't had time to blog or upload the pictures from the party.  (Pictures we took with my new PINK camera..since I dropped the other one and now it takes  blurry pix. like it's 3 sheets to the wind.)

Now these were all taken with my blackberry so the quality isn't that good....but you get the idea.  We had even more kabobs than that!  Also a bitchbucket load more of snacks too.  Everyone gorged right out.  It was awesome. 

PS: I love doing snack plates up and I have beautiful Pottery from a lovely lady that's close to me.  When we get married she's making us even more! FUCK YAH FOR POTTERY!!! 


  1. Looks like we missed some yummy food! And I do like that pottery you mentioned, very nice.

  2. And here I half expected you to stop everyone advancing on the food with "no you can't eat them, they're for decoration!" We know what you women are like, pfft.

  3. Well there shall be other nights Sara. You know me...I love to entertain and cook. I'm getting really good at it! Haven't killed anyone yet and people still come back.

    Drake - Pfft... Who does that?! I think it's fucked when people have fruit & such for decoration only.


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