Thursday, August 26, 2010

This Be My Prizes...Bitchez! *Updated*

That's not my prize..that's hwy 63 silly.
We arrive home some time after 10pm.  It's a long drive but at least the weather was good.  There are so many crazy ass trucks hauling large ass items like houses, heavy haulers, and tanks.

Still not my prize ...wouldn't have room for one that big.

That tank was smaller than the other 2 we saw before hand. Really it's astonishing what they transport. 

So I lose my blackberry every 30 seconds so one of those 30 seconds, Manfriend pulled over so I could look for it.  Apparently I was sitting on it and didn't notice it wedged in my ass crack.  However I did notice this random item as I jumped outta the truck:
I am TIRE MAN!  Yes this whole thing is made of tires...still not my prize though.
This morning started off with 30mins of yoga and exercise ball torture.  Then I went for a hour long massage and a back crackin' with the chiro.  My Massage therapist rocks.  She used to be a Iron Worker...meaning she has BALLs large ones at that.  I can curse and talk about all sorts of fucked up things and she's right in on it. But I digress...

After all that was done, guess what time it was?! COLLECTION TIME BITCHEZ! 
First we bought some bread from Cobbs and then I said, "Oh and I came for ma' Prize!" She brought a few of the items out but was so busy, being the only employee there, so we decided to go pick up my new glasses first.  That made it a bit anti-climatic for me but I sucked it up.
That's a grin of a WINNER.

Aria investigating MY PRIZE. Cats are so damn nosy.

Kris and I were going to buy one of the cook books (Every Day Gourmet Burgers) last time we were home but it was like $25 or something close to that.  

So there we go.  I should get my ass in gear and start doing more staining on the fence or something like that.  Plus it's after 12pm so it's ok to crack a bevy. (Pffft like the time matters).
Ta-Ta for now!

Oh and for some of my lady and lady-like friends I will leave you this material to think about in the shower...not saying that I do....or don't..

Reallllly wish THIS was my prize..all night long.

And this my prize the next night..

Midnight Snack...

Mmmm breakfast Prize!

Hot Wolfey Man!


***Couple more pix...bit fuzzy I now realized but you get the picture....Napoleon Portable Grill is righteous!


  1. Yum yum yum. I could stare at him all day...

  2. I know. He is one damn fine specimen.

    I like him better when he has some scruff on him more than clean shaven.

  3. Awesome prizes, and I love how Manfriend picture shows up right after....well I guess ladycandy.


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